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You find yourself standing before a massive stone wall and an equally massive archway that is carved in beautiful Celtic knots. Embedded in the stone are pieces of purple crystal shards that glitter in the sunlight. You're tempted to touch one, when something much more beautiful catches your eye. It's a unicorn.

The stallion neighs and trots to greet you. "Zrhen ash! Zen meaha." As surprised as you are to see a unicorn, you're even more surprised to hear it speak. It's a soft male voice, but instead of coming from the unicorn's mouth, it seems to be a voice that echos softly in your mind. He seems to smile and bobs his head before saying, "I apologize. I forget that Cryzet is not a well known language outside of the Valley. I am Y^izz'zory, lead stallion of the Y^zin'Ar Band. The band of Darkening Rainbows," he explains. "And this is the Valley, home of the Crystal Unicorns. I'm going to guess that if you're here, it's too adopt a foal? That's good to hear. The Valley has gone through the changes through the last few years. There was..." he pauses, ears flicking. He gazes to the sky, clear and blue and perfect, before continueing, "a sort of war. A battle with the Dark Dragons of the Northern Sea. They came to steal the crystals from the Sacred Caves. It was a very dark time. But, blessed be, we were triumphant, though at great cost."

The unicorn lets you pet his cheek and his nose, and he give you a little nuzzle. "But as you can see, the Valley has sprung back. The trees are growing, the grass is green, the waters clean and fresh. Would you like to meet my small family?" he asks with a flick of his tail.

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